Life On The Water

I know this is not about animals, I would like to try and convince you to try life on the water. I spent just about my entire life in Florida, and I LOVE it. Lots of people are afraid of the ocean, and that’s okay. All I hope is that when you finish reading this you are convinced that the ocean is not all that scary.  I would like to share with you the joy of living on the water.  My favorite thing to do is go boating, I love shells and all animals dangerous or not. My family and I take camping trips and even just go for a days trip. We see starfish and dolphins, we even see rays sometimes! I am a huge geek for shells! I have hundreds of them in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Another thing I enjoy is kayaking! Me and my mom love kayaking together! We go up and down our canal all the time!!! Do you see now that the ocean is not at all scary? If anything the ocean is a magical place full of great experiences!

This is shell island, a place we went to last winter!
This is shell island, a place we went to last winter!


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