kitten life

Many people love kittens but others might not. I know for sure cassie does. Kittens should get fed wet food in the morning and have dry food sitting out the whole day. Cats should be given a bath once a month. You should give cats space and freedom especially if they are new . CHECK OUTthis video of how to take care of a cat!!!

Also watch this!!!


29 thoughts on “kitten life

  1. do not ever not ever forget these words ……………………………………………..KITTENS ARE AWESOME

  2. What a BRILLIANT young lady! Abigail, your website is outstanding. It’s professional, informative, and your writing is way beyond your years. Keep up the fantastic work and I will spread the word about your great site!!


  3. ABIGAIL! I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I am learning so much. Good thinking about not giving cats too small of toys, so they don’t choke. I don’t want anything bad to happen to Oreo. Shes so big now! You gotta see her soon! Ive read all of your articles, keep going girl. I need more knowledge about all these animals!

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