living like a liger

Ligers are a mixed breed of tigers and lions! They are huge! Ligers enjoy swimming like tigers and are sociable like lions. They eat beef and meet. There is a similar animal called the tigon. The only predator of  ligers and tigons is humans. Only because they are only in captivity. I  LOVE THESE AMAZING ANIMALS!!!!

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9 thoughts on “living like a liger

  1. Morning Abby. Summer Vacation is almost over in Florida and back to school…5th grade I think! Amazing how smart, personable confident you are for ALMOST 11! I love your web site, I check it often. Lots of animal fax I was not aware of….keep them coming!

  2. Ms.Staci is right summers almost over and she is also right about you being smart so..ones you move by the beach you can collect info about the things you see in the ocean and post them on your website THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

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