sinister sharks

sharkSharks are scary but amazing marine life. These animals eat fish,seals,and other ocean creatures. Some sharks don’t sleep others do. Sharks don’t have very many predators,exept humans are a huge part. Humans tend to kill sharks for food. Most sharks don’t attack people randomly and when ever they do attack its because they think their going after fish!

living like a liger

Ligers are a mixed breed of tigers and lions! They are huge! Ligers enjoy swimming like tigers and are sociable like lions. They eat beef and meet. There is a similar animal called the tigon. The only predator of  ligers and tigons is humans. Only because they are only in captivity. I  LOVE THESE AMAZING ANIMALS!!!!

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the world without animals

I cant imagine the world without animals!!!Not only are they good for earth and its plants but I also love animals. Wild life is my life nothing else to it. The way to help animals from becoming extinct is you have to take care of the earth. Now I know what you’re thinking: this is going to be about all that boring junk about saving the earth but it’s not. All I’m trying to say is don’t act like its not your responsibility. Believe me it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

animal life