Life of a Land Hermit Crab!

hc1Watch this amazing video I love hermit crabs!!!!!!!! I have one of these fantastic creatures at home. Here are some tips and tricks to help provide your hermit crab with a GREAT home!!!

1 FOOD/DRINK: You should always give your crab food everyday. You also need to throw out old food.. even if the crab never touched it… otherwise it might draw bugs. Hermit crabs eat a lot of things such as lettuce and non-citric fruit bits. Healthy foods for your hermit crab include crushed up dog food and or rice. Also, be sure to  provide a sponge full of water for your hermit crab to drink. Change the water everyday, and remember they like room temperature/Lukewarm.

2. BATH TIME!! Never forget to bathe your hermit crab. You HAVE to do it at least once a week. To do this you must fill half of a bowl with lukewarm water, place your crab up side down in the water so he will come out and walk around. The water will wash him up. Afterwards take him out and set him on a paper towel. He will walk about and dry off.

Be sure to follow these simple steps and your hermit crab will be healthy and happy!

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10 thoughts on “Life of a Land Hermit Crab!”

  1. I love hermit crabs too! This blog is well written and so educational. You are a very intelligent (and adorable) young lady. I look forward to more posts!

  2. Sorry I’ve been off my website for a while and didn’t see your comment. Thank you very much and I definitely have more post now!

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