Sea Urchin City

Have you ever stepped on Sea Urchin? I know I haven’t and I don’t want to start today. Whats a sea urchin? A sea urchin is a marine animal that has a flattened shell with spikes covering. A sea urchin has a mouth on the underside. If your ever find a dead sea urchin, you can scrape of the spikes and underneath is a beautiful circular shell. Because a sea urchin can be different colors (purple, green, brown, black, and many other colors) the shell will be that same color. Remember to watch your step next time your at the beach!



sinister sharks

sharkSharks are scary but amazing marine life. These animals eat fish,seals,and other ocean creatures. Some sharks don’t sleep others do. Sharks don’t have very many predators,exept humans are a huge part. Humans tend to kill sharks for food. Most sharks don’t attack people randomly and when ever they do attack its because they think their going after fish!

silent swimmers

Do you ever wonder what’s deep in the ocean?I can show you. Colors , wonders , and best of all experiences! Fish eat shrimp, plankton, and insects. A fishes predator would include sharks, bigger fish, and humans. There are so.many wonders deep down under!!!

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