slithering snakes

Snakes are reptiles that have no arms or legs. Like any other reptile a snake is cold blooded. There are many kinds of snakes, some are actually poisonous predators. A snake’s habitat depends on what type of snake it is. Although a snake is a predator, it still has enemies. Its enemies include large birds, wild boars, mongoose, raccoon, foxes, and coyotes. Many humans hunt big snakes for their skin. Snakes fear humans but at the same time some humans fear them.

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super still starfish

Star fish are super still creatures. They’re so still that some people don’t know that they’re alive. Starfish are found mostly in rocky habitats. They are carnivores; with that being said, they eat clams and oyster. Sometimes they eat fish. Some of a starfish’s predators include sea otters, manta rays, sharks, and seagulls. If you ever sea a starfish, leave it be:¬†they might be cool like a shell, but they’re actually alive like a real person.

source: wallpapers galaxy

source: wallpapers galaxy