living like a liger

Ligers are a mixed breed of tigers and lions! They are huge! Ligers enjoy swimming like tigers and are sociable like lions. They eat beef and meet. There is a similar animal called the tigon. The only predator of  ligers and tigons is humans. Only because they are only in captivity. I  LOVE THESE AMAZING ANIMALS!!!!

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silent swimmers

Do you ever wonder what’s deep in the ocean?I can show you. Colors , wonders , and best of all experiences! Fish eat shrimp, plankton, and insects. A fishes predator would include sharks, bigger fish, and humans. There are so.many wonders deep down under!!!

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spitting llamas

Llamas are a a south american relative of a camel.They are also herbivorous and eat grass.A llamas predators would include Mountain lions,cougars,Snow leopards,and coyotes.llamas spit a lot too.That’s why I love them!!!

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pileing penguins

Penguins are another amazing creature.Just like polar bears they to are arctic animals.Penguins love to swim and waddle.They are the only birds that cant fly.Penguins eat krill,shrimp,squid.and fishes.A penguins predators include sea lions,leopard seals,fur seals,sharks,and killer whales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kitten life

Many people love kittens but others might not. I know for sure cassie does. Kittens should get fed wet food in the morning and have dry food sitting out the whole day. Cats should be given a bath once a month. You should give cats space and freedom especially if they are new . CHECK OUTthis video of how to take care of a cat!!!

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