lying with the lions

lions are known for their roar and main.But lions have one other fact,their lazy!Lions sleep three quarters of the day . Thats about eighteen hours.If you were a lion you would be in a pack.This pack would contain other lions.The only male is the leader.Most of  the time the female that mates with the leader is the only one who has cubs.


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The ways of the tiger

Tigers are so cool.They are the biggest cat of them all.These creatures have black stripes and redish orange fur.But there is one type of tiger that is white with black stripes.They have stout teeth.Tigers live in Asia.Tigers are the best!


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The amazing polar bears

There are many different types of bears.But there is only one that I think is special.These bears are called … POLAR BEARS!The polar bear  is white,tan,and cream in color . Polar bears live in the arctic.If you ever came across one it would rip you to shreds.Polar bears are the most vicious bear of them all.THESE furry guys eat walruses,carcasses and seal.They have great sense of smell too.I absolutely love polar bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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