Sea Urchin City

Have you ever stepped on Sea Urchin? I know I haven’t and I don’t want to start today. Whats a sea urchin? A sea urchin is a marine animal that has a flattened shell with spikes covering. A sea urchin has a mouth on the underside. If your ever find a dead sea urchin, you can scrape of the spikes and underneath is a beautiful circular shell. Because a sea urchin can be different colors (purple, green, brown, black, and many other colors) the shell will be that same color. Remember to watch your step next time your at the beach!


Life On The Water

I know this is not about animals, I would like to try and convince you to try life on the water. I spent just about my entire life in Florida, and I LOVE it. Lots of people are afraid of the ocean, and that’s okay. All I hope is that when you finish reading this you are convinced that the ocean is not all that scary.  I would like to share with you the joy of living on the water.  My favorite thing to do is go boating, I love shells and all animals dangerous or not. My family and I take camping trips and even just go for a days trip. We see starfish and dolphins, we even see rays sometimes! I am a huge geek for shells! I have hundreds of them in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Another thing I enjoy is kayaking! Me and my mom love kayaking together! We go up and down our canal all the time!!! Do you see now that the ocean is not at all scary? If anything the ocean is a magical place full of great experiences!

This is shell island, a place we went to last winter!
This is shell island, a place we went to last winter!


slithering snakes

Snakes are reptiles that have no arms or legs. Like any other reptile a snake is cold blooded. There are many kinds of snakes, some are actually poisonous predators. A snake’s habitat depends on what type of snake it is. Although a snake is a predator, it still has enemies. Its enemies include large birds, wild boars, mongoose, raccoon, foxes, and coyotes. Many humans hunt big snakes for their skin. Snakes fear humans but at the same time some humans fear them.

snake for abbys website

source: snake desktop wallpapers

super still starfish

Star fish are super still creatures. They’re so still that some people don’t know that they’re alive. Starfish are found mostly in rocky habitats. They are carnivores; with that being said, they eat clams and oyster. Sometimes they eat fish. Some of a starfish’s predators include sea otters, manta rays, sharks, and seagulls. If you ever sea a starfish, leave it be: they might be cool like a shell, but they’re actually alive like a real person.

source: wallpapers galaxy
source: wallpapers galaxy

The one and only………Chloe

I thought I would make a special post all about my cat Chloe. Chloe is so sweet,she loves attention from just about anyone she can get it from. Her best quality i her loyalty! Its like when ever anyone is upset she knows. She has to be the softest cat in the world. Her purr is so soothing. Infact it reminds me of the waves of the ocean. My cat cat Chloe is the most cutest kitten you will ever see!!! I have proof,check it out!!!!!!!


Rapid rabbits

Rabbits are so fast! If you have ever seen a dog run then you know how a rabbit runs. Rabbits eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Because rabbits eat so many plants they poop a lot. A rabbits predators include raccoons,foxes,Hawks,owls,crows,snakes,opossum,cats,and dogs. They live in groups,also they might sometimes live in underground burrows. I love rapid rabbits!!!


pic source:Wikipedia the free encyclopedia




What the whale?

What the whale? Whales are very interesting mammals. Did you know that whales are one of the only mammals of the ocean.They may be the biggest but they don’t have teeth,not real teeth anyway. Whales eat plankton. If you have ever watched spongebob then you know what that is. Plankton is these little fish that are like bugs. You cannot see them with a naked eye. Because whales eat these small things they do not need real teeth to chew.      Pic source:

Life of a Land Hermit Crab!

hc1Watch this amazing video I love hermit crabs!!!!!!!! I have one of these fantastic creatures at home. Here are some tips and tricks to help provide your hermit crab with a GREAT home!!!

1 FOOD/DRINK: You should always give your crab food everyday. You also need to throw out old food.. even if the crab never touched it… otherwise it might draw bugs. Hermit crabs eat a lot of things such as lettuce and non-citric fruit bits. Healthy foods for your hermit crab include crushed up dog food and or rice. Also, be sure to  provide a sponge full of water for your hermit crab to drink. Change the water everyday, and remember they like room temperature/Lukewarm.

2. BATH TIME!! Never forget to bathe your hermit crab. You HAVE to do it at least once a week. To do this you must fill half of a bowl with lukewarm water, place your crab up side down in the water so he will come out and walk around. The water will wash him up. Afterwards take him out and set him on a paper towel. He will walk about and dry off.

Be sure to follow these simple steps and your hermit crab will be healthy and happy!

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